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I am sad to say that this group is taking an indefinite hiatus. There are many reasons/deciding factors that helped us(the admins) come to this conclusion but we feel as if it’s for the best. Someone Like You has been going strong for 6 months now and it’s time for change. This hiatus could last anywhere from a week to a month depending on how fast we get up the main page and what all we come up with for the storyline.

A few reasons for the decision

  • Activity. It has been slim to none by all members! People need to stop just interacting with their family and love interest and include everyone else. One or two posts a day does not count as activity. The group can’t stay alive if you lurk and/or don’t log on and stay active.
  • The omission of our actual storyline. We are at a fine arts school and people seem to forget this. When speaking to others you should be talking about your major. The ARTS concept of this group should be something we see daily on the dash and it’s rarely mentioned - at all.
  • Storylines getting out of control. There comes a time when people do not approve certain storylines with the admins and/or get upset when they are denied. This group has a lot going on which should make it easy for everyone to have enough of a storyline without the over dramatics of it all. Just because something crazy isn’t happening with your character doesn’t mean they don’t have a storyline. People have been forgetting to think about who storylines will include and asking them if it’s okay - Example: all bullying storylines have to be run by the Finn Hudson player since he is the principal. You are god moding his character by saying that he, as principal, has been ignoring the issue. God Moding is not okay. THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE! NO HARM MEANT TO ANYONE!
  • Cliques. There are way too many cliques that have been formed in this group causing new comers to feel left out and want to leave. Just because you’re close with a few people ooc doesn’t mean you need to only talk to their characters and not others. I am fully aware that some characters don’t get along but that’s only more of a storyline for you to have to play out.
  • There is OOC hate and talking going on behind members/admins backs. This was brought to my attention by someone in the party that was not comfortable with things being said. This is a ROLEPLAY and we are here to have fun - not engage in petty drama. If you have an issue with someone ooc that is fine but there is no need to spread hate or talking about them with other members of the group. That is trashy.

During the Hiatus we will be revamping the storyline, moving the main page and possibly narrowing down some families to add new ones in order to make it more active. While this is going on all storylines that involve Fusion need to come to a halt. I do realize that the characters are your own but their storylines revolved around this group which was created by one of the admins. If you choose to continue on we will assume that means you no longer wish to be a part of this group and you will be removed from the character list - this also means you may not keep the FUSION part of your storyline active(because that is stealing someone else’s idea). The storyline will remain the same concept(multiples going to school at Fusion) but will change in a way that will keep the group alive and flourishing. The new Someone Like You, when finished, will have more structure and the rules will be pushed in ways they were ignored here.

Let’s face it - everyone is really busy in real life right now with school and/or other things going on so a break is needed, for all. Don’t view this as the group closing because it’s not! This is simply a time for everyone to take off a few days while we revamp. I will keep the ooc blog up where the admins will post updates on what is going on and let you know when the new group is going up.



Another reason we don’t want anyone to continue their storylines is that when we switch over things are going to be changed, different, and it could affect what you’re working towards. Just be patient, please, because we’re doing this to better the group as a whole.

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So, it’s come to the attention of the admins that this group is loosing some of the steam that it had a few weeks ago and when we all talked about we think that a revamp of sorts is what we need. We would be moving pages and starting over, new story lines, new theme of the RP and even some new characters (such as Marley, Brody, Jake etc.). We don’t quite know what kind of things we would be doing quite yet, but know that a new revamp of sorts is in the works and we will let you know when we come up with more information!

Also, Carmen Lopez has been put on activity warning. 

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The hangover camera site is up!

I will link everyone on Sunday and the first picture is queued to post Monday morning. There will be a new picture every few days so that give everyone their own amount of time to draw attention to what happened to them in Tokyo. Just because a picture of what happened is released doesn’t mean that you have to admit to anything beyond the picture - that is completely up to the character.

If you have not submitted to the main what happened to your character in Tokyo please do so over the weekend. I need to make sure that everyone’s stories get posted.

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New Rule to be added this evening!

All starters/intros must be tagged SLY RP.

  • It will make is easy for people when they log in to see what they’ve missed.
  • It will help people be able to find starter posts to comment.
  • It will help admins watch for activity.
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Activity Warning!

The following people have 12 hours to get their activity up before removal.

Excused extended activity

  • Finn Hudson
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Anonymous asked: will anything legal happen to carmen?

NO! Right now there is enough drama going on in this group.The storyline will not play out that way, at all. Carmen has started taking her medication and her parents have been informed about what happened. I will talk to Carmen further about her plans for this storyline but there will be no legal action against the Lopez family or any other family. 

The confessions blog does NOT take ooc comments!

OOC comments are not okay. This is a roleplay group. We are characters and the confessions blog is to be used for confessions on character, not the players behind them. 

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Some of you seem to have forgotten one of the rules, again, so this is a friendly reminder.

→ INTERACT WITH ALL CHARACTERS. This is a group roleplay which means that everyone should be connected in some way, shape or form. Please don’t join if your only intention is to interact with whatever ship you like. This will be strictly enforced and could be grounds for removal if not followed.

I’m really getting tired of messages from people talking about how no one replies to their things and how they don’t feel welcome here. We are a group! If you don’t want to interact with everyone you should consider leaving and maybe starting a 2x2 or something small so you don’t have to. This is not a place where it is okay to only interact with your love interest(s), the person your character is interested in and/or family. It’s getting to the point where the admins are about to start removing characters that don’t follow the rules.

I am not going to single out anyone or send messages to members who are not following this. Just look at it and think about what you’ve done to include everyone. 

If there is a post on the dash from a character, no matter who they are, comment on it! Make conversation! If you don’t have a connection with a particular character message the player or go in the ooc blog and work something out. There is no reason that everyone shouldn’t have some kind of connection with each other.

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